Providing financial wellness to all

Empower Your Employees, Effortlessly. Provide to your employees a smart card made to prevent them from financial impotence and gives them earned wages access !

There’s no upfront cost or change to your cash flow. All you have to do is integrates our systeme and you will impact your employees financial lives. | +212 634 27 10 21

For employers

Automate and manage your global payroll and workforce payments with minimal fees and provide anytime earned wages access to all your employees.

For employees

Through our powerful app and smart card, employees get earned wages access before payday, experience financial wellness and freedom.

For parents

Through their app, parents can budgetize, and automate transfer to their children’s pocket money. They can keep an eyes on how children are spending.

For NGOs

We provide NGOs with a management system for donations, coupons and payments.